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TaylorMade Golf Introduces AeroBurner Irons, Mini Driver, and AeroBurner Pro Ball

Following the successful launch of the AeroBurner™ Driver in January which has already seen PGA Tour victory, TaylorMade Golf Company today announced the launch of AeroBurner Irons, AeroBurner Mini Driver and AeroBurner Pro Golf Ball; three products that complete the AeroBurner franchise in 2015 and deliver golfers speed, distance and power from tee to green.

AeroBurner Irons

An all-new product to the TaylorMade stable, AeroBurner irons follow in the footsteps of the AeroBurner metalwoods. Built for distance through speed, AeroBurner irons are designed with a new performance package to deliver unsurpassed stability and explosive distance.

Stretching the limits of innovation, the AeroBurner iron features an up-to-the-limit COR face design engineered to maximise ball speed off the clubface. A low centre of gravity (CG) generates high launch and great feel throughout the set. Additionally, the high-MOI head design provides enhanced forgiveness and stability on balls hit across the clubface.

To create the ultimate distance iron, engineers have optimised loft and CG placement for consistent, powerful shot-making from any lie. Incorporating TaylorMade’s revolutionary Speed Pocket™ technology to promote higher launch angles and more ball speed, AeroBurner irons protect ball speed on shots hit low on the face for a more consistent shot on mis-hits.

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Aesthetically, the AeroBurner irons feature a dark, matte head finish found most recently in the SpeedBlade irons. The darker finish reduces glare off the clubface while delivering a sleek look. A longer blade length, more offset and thicker topline give golfers an inspiring, confidence-boosting appearance at address.

“The AeroBurner iron breaks the mould of the typical distance iron and brings distance to all golfers,” said Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade’s Director of Product Creation. “Never before has up-to-the-limit COR speed and distance been delivered in such an easy-to-play and confidence-inspiring package. Distance has now come to all golfers.”

Pricing, Options and Availability

Available at retail on March 27, AeroBurner irons are available in 8-piece sets and are equipped with stock REAX 88 High Launch steel shafts (£599, €749, 829CHF, 5999SEK, 5395NOK, 4899DKK) or AeroBurner REAX 60 graphite shafts (£699, €869, 949CHF, 6999SEK, 6395NOK, 5799DKK) in stiff, regular, senior or ladies flex.

AeroBurner Mini Driver

AeroBurner Mini Driver, a 253cc metalwood equipped with a 43.5” shaft, is designed to deliver even more speed and forgiveness than the SLDR Mini Driver, engineered for players who commonly drive with their 3-wood.

The Mini Driver is a new category from TaylorMade, delivering golfers 2 club options in 1; a driver alternative or a 3-wood replacement. Many of the same features engineered into the other AeroBurner metalwoods are now part of this new category. Like all of the AeroBurner metalwoods, the AeroBurner Mini Driver is «Made of Speed».

Taking everything they’ve learned from the development of SLDR Mini Driver, engineers have taken AeroBurner Mini Driver to the next level, designing a product with a new aerodynamic shape, shallow face, raised centre crown and incorporated a new hosel fin, created to maximise clubhead speed during the downswing. With emphasis placed on low-forward CG, Mini Driver delivers driver-like launch conditions off the tee with remarkable accuracy.

Additionally, similar to the entire AeroBurner metalwood family, Mini Driver features the biggest open channel Speed Pocket of any TaylorMade metalwood in company history, increasing the size of the sweet spot while reducing spin. A larger hittable face area and decreased overall size promote improved playability in a confidence-inspiring shape.

Aesthetically, engineers developed the crown of AeroBurner Mini Driver with a new matte white finish, a black PVD face and linear crown graphic, features implemented to facilitate easy, accurate face alignment. The TP model is designed with a longer hosel, flatter lie angle and more open face angle.

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«The SLDR Mini Driver captivated golfers on all skill levels by delivering better 3-wood performance from the tee,» said Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade’s Senior Director of Metalwood Creation. “With AeroBurner, we’ve now designed a metalwood that delivers even more speed and forgiveness to this new, popular club type.”

Available at retail on March 27, the AeroBurner Mini Driver will be available in two models; standard and TP.   Available in three loft options (12°, 14° & 16°) the standard model retails for £219, €279, 309CHF, 2699SEK, 2395NOK, 2199DKK and is equipped with a lightweight Matrix Speed RUL-Z 60 shaft. Available in two lofts, (12° & 14°) The TP model retails for £299, €349, 379CHF, 3499SEK, 3195NOK, 2999DKK and is equipped with Matrix’ new Ozik White Tie 70X4 shaft.

AeroBurner Pro Golf Balls

Completing the AeroBurner family of products is the AeroBurner Pro golf ball. Aeroburner Pro, is a three-piece ball engineered for high ball speeds off the clubface, designed to deliver speed and distance with tour-level stopping power. The spin control and soft feel come from the interface of TaylorMade’s Spin Mantle™ and proprietary Iothane® cover.

The AeroBurner Pro ball is available now with an RRP of  £24.99, €30.00, 33CHF, 299SEK, 255NO, 249DKK.

For more information: www.taylormadegolf.com