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Austria’s 2022 Ryder Cup Bid Right on Track

The decision who will host the Ryder Cup 2022 is in its final stage. Fully motivated Austria heads down the home straight.

A further huge wave of support ensures vital momentum for Austria in its bid to host the 2022 Ryder Cup! The Austrian Federal Government stands united behind the project and its innovative concept “Heart of Europe” and neighbouring countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic and Co as “Partner Nations” are all on board. Austria are model students among the four candidates.

“A year ago as we decided to apply for the 2022 Ryder Cup we were the classic underdogs. Today, 12 months later, we are a potential candidate to host the third largest sporting event in the world and are on a par with our competitors Germany, Spain and Italy. Particularly as we have fulfilled 100 percent all the five key criteria required”, Austrian Golf Association’s General Secretary Robert Fiegl says

 These criteria are: to be near to a large city, perfect infrastructure, governmental support, ideal marketing opportunities and a top class golf course.

The Ryder Cup provides enormous economic impact

 A study by the Economic Industry Institute (IWI) knows the enormous economic impact hosting the Ryder Cup 2022 would have on Austria. Apart from the 20.000 jobs the Ryder Cup would create, in tourism alone the added revenue would be enormous. “Altogether one can count on around 3 billion Euro revenue and around 1.2 billion Euro added value, if the Ryder Cup comes to Austria”, explained DDr. Herwig Schneider (IWI).

 Between 2015 and 2027 Austria’s economy will generate a production value up to 170 million Euros per year if Austria hosts the Ryder Cup in 2022.

 Bernd Wiesberger on course for the Ryder Cup

Austria’s star golfer Bernd Wiesberger, himself a strong candidate for the next Ryder Cup, also fully supports Austria’s Bid: “The Ryder Cup is the greatest golf event and anyone who has played in it describes the euphoria felt. Its pure goose bumps. I’m very proud of what Austria’s Bid Team has achieved.  It would be incredible to have the Ryder Cup in Austria.”

Wiesberger underlines the impact it would have on up coming young golfers, as he himself supports the Junior Tournament series. The decision, which of the four Nations will be awarded the 2022 Ryder Cup is expected to be made known either the end of October, or the end of November.

 For Austria, after the National Football Team’s successful EURO 2016 Qualification a second dream come true within the space of a couple of weeks would be perfect. The Austrian Football Association, along with practically all the larger Austrian Sport Associations fully support the home bid.

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