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Callaway Launches New APEX CF 16 and APEX PRO Irons Plus APEX Hybrid

Callaway Golf reveals the latest generation of the Apex family, with the launch of the precision engineered CF 16 Irons and the tour-inspired Pro 16 Irons, manufactured using a quadruple net forging process delivering the soft feel demanded by better players.

Combining the premium feel of a forged players’ Iron with the company’s Cup Face technology, Callaway’s new Apex CF 16 Irons’ multi-piece construction provides a combination of feel, control and distance that effectively allows players of all abilities to take the perceived perfection of forged irons further.

Dr. Alan Hocknell, Head of Research and Development, Callaway Golf, said: “Cup Face technology has resonated with a lot of golfers because it delivers visible ball speed gains; so it seemed logical to make it a feature of the new Apex range.

This presentedthe Callaway team with big challenges, and they claim having pushed their engineers and suppliers further than ever. A new manufacturing processes was developed to ensure the Apex CF 16 Irons deliver all the authenticity and feel of a forging.

Progressive Flow Weighting technology

The new Apex Pro 16 Irons are heavily influenced by the feedback of Callaway’s Staff Professionals, and engineered for world-class and skilled players alike. The tour-inspired classic styling optimises turf interaction, while progressive Flow Weighting technology and high spin profile grooves increase control over ball flight.

Commenting on the new Apex Pro 16 Irons, Dr. Alan Hocknell said: “Flow Weighting enables us to control CG progression without compromising on the classic shaping demanded by more discerning golfers.

“By keeping CG low in the long irons, players get a little help getting the ball in the air, while moving it higher up the face for more lofted clubs gives golfers optimum control over ball flight.”

For the first time, Callaway is also introducing a Hybrid to complement the premium Apex line to offer an alternative to golfers looking for greater forgiveness at the top end of their bag.

The new Apex Hybrids have a distinctive, tour-inspired head shape and feature Callaway’s Forged Cup Face technology, delivering forgiveness and hotter ball speed for more length. The CG is low to increase spin and promote a more iron-like flight profile, with a higher apex than traditional hybrids, to bring stopping power when golfers are approaching long par 5s and 4s in two, or on lengthy par 3s.

Callaway’s new Apex CF 16 Irons and Apex Pro 16 Irons will be available in store on October 30, 2015. The new Apex Hybrids will be available from December 4, 2015

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