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Grannys Beat Their World Record, Playing 110 Holes in One Day

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Two mature Danish power golf girls cement their strength on the long distance and walked 82.862 steps to beat their own world record by playing 110 holes within normal daylight.

The desire to play golf is a significant part of the motivation that operates Golf Manager Tuula Undall at The Scandinavian Golf Club and her golf friend Benedicte Kruse.

Early in July they set the new record by playing 110 holes in line at Old Course at The Scandinavian Golf Club in Copenhagen. The golfing challenge of over 60 kilometers was overcome in 18.08 light hours. When finished, it was still bright enough that the game could have continued for three or four holes more.

“But there must be something to strive for,” said Tuula and Benedicte.

Set their first World Record last year

If you are a true golfer, you should not be provoked much to face a fierce challenge. It happened last year for Tuula Undall, 58, and her golf friend Benedicte Kruse, 60 years, playing 109 golf holes in 18.23 hours, which was almost identical to the period of daylight on July 6, 2016.

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world record

ON THE COURSE: The two grandmothers played an impressive 110 holes in one day at Scandinavian Golf Club in Copehagen. Photo: Frank Undall

Only equipped with golf clubs and two electric trolleys (and constantly charging replacement batteries) they started their first world record attempt at 4:17AM in pure monsoon rain. At 10:46 PM they could look back on more than 60 kilometers of weather strolling, covering all four seasons.

This year the start of the assignment was somewhat earlier, at. 3:50AM. The game was played faster, and even though there was an extra hole, the total time was reduced by 15 minutes.

The reason may easily be that the motivation was extraordinary this year because the girls had decided to link charity to the event. Tuula has experienced losing a sister to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and Benedicte has lost a sister to cancer.

In addition to golfhuse.dk from Himmerland, the interest in supporting research in these two areas has attracted private members at The Scandinavian to contribute in cash to the purpose.

“We thank the sponsors for their contribution and The Scandinavian to make facilities available,” says Tuula Undall and Benedicte Kruse.

Maybe there are other golf  grandmothers in the golfing community that will challenge the two Danish super grannys?

WILL ANYONE CHALLENGE THEM? Tuula Undall (left) and Benedikte Kruse have completed the 110th hole on Old Course at The Scandinavian. Thats a new world record, one hole mare than their previous record from 2016. Photo: Frank Undall