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Discrete Luxury in the Most Relaxed Cava Environment


Mallorca has about 30 golf courses, ranging from courses laid out for the average tourist to top notch golf courses for the most avid golfers and for people that find their best golf in an environment of relaxed luxury. We checked out three of the top courses.

After 15 minutes the taxi from the airport drives up the impressive driveway of Castillo Hotel Son Vida. We get the feeling of arriving at a medieval castle. The doorman greets us in a friendly and professional way, checks us in and points us to the elevator.

At the elevator, we’re joined by a rather famous international banker and his even more famous spouse.

— What floor are you in? the banker asks when inside the lift compartment.

My reply is «3rd», his response is «so are we ». And then, to my astonishment, he pushes a button near the bottom of the board, far below the glowing button that indicates which floor we’re taking off from.

As the elevator decent, I realize that the Castillo Hotel Son Vida is built not on the hill, but down the steep mountain side from the 6th floor reception and entrance area. And with only two more floors on top of the reception. Leaving all the guest rooms with marvelous views over Palma de Mallorca and the Mediterranean ocean.

The first course in Mallorca

On the Son Vida premises there is also a Sheraton hotel as well as three superb golf courses.

Golf Son Vida being the number one course, and the one with most traditions as the first course in Mallorca. It is a traditional park- and woodland layout, and a legend among players from all over Europe.

A golfer with passion for history will  feel at home here. And if you enjoyed the victories of Severiano Ballesteros, you’ll feel utter happiness when playing on a golf course where this grand master have achieved greatness before you.

The fairways run through the residential area of Son Vida, and require an intelligent game strategy. The 18th hole is a par 5 with a thrilling second shot over the water for the more adventurous golfers that go for the green in two shots.

Golf Son Vida have held  two European Tour events, in 1990 and 1994. It was in the first of these events that Severiano Ballesteros made history when the legendary Cantabrian won the Balearic Open in a play-off at the 18th hole. When playing there, don’t miss the opportunity to relive Seve’s achievement in the Clubhouse at Son Vida.

To summon up, Golf Son Vida is a great challenge on a design that puts you to the test, hole by hole.

Golf Son Muntaner’s ambitious reseeding project

In 2016 the  Golf Son Muntaner course (the 9th hole pictured above) carried out an ambitious project by completely seeding new varieties of grass on the golf course. The new Bermuda Celebration was sown on every fairway and Agrostis V8 was chosen for its extended greens. With this process, Golf Son Muntaner became a reference golf course for any golf lover.

The design is varied in tune with the landscape. And with greens that propose continuous challenges.

After the round, you’ll probably remember two holes in particular. The 5th and 6th holes have been redesigned following the original design. And after the turn, on the fairway of hole 15, you’ll be stunned admiring «Na Capitana», the oldest millenary olive tree in Mallorca and cataloged as a Singular Tree by the Local Government.

This golf course has an excellent driving range and pitching area, and also we have the biggest putting green in the island.

The joy of playing here increases by how well you master the ability to shape the ball off the tee to get the ideal position for your second shot. In general, on Golf Son Muntaner it will always be a good strategy to tee up on the «trouble side» of the tee-box.

Mallorca’s youngest golf course

Golf Son Quint is the youngest golf course of the island, inaugurated in 2007. The long and open course allows a more extensive game, which makes members and beginners more than happy.

This golf course offers variety and something a little special. For example at hole 8, the highest point on the course, you tee-off facing directly towards Palma Cathedral.The well-placed bunkers are a feature most golfers will appreciate. While four different tee-box positions enable a variety of play.

We recommend that you especially enjoy holes number 8 and 17, from where you will enjoy a spectacular view of Palma. Not without first daring to the par 3  12th hole in which you will have to overcome the frontal lake. While players with a strong drive may utilize on holes 2 and 17.

However, no matter how great your driving abilities are: On this course reading the greens correctly will be the difference between a great score and a mediocre one.

The sundowner

Then, what about our new found banker acquaintance from the elevator at check-in? He and his wife were not golfers. However, we bumped into each other again on the last afternoon. They had  been upgraded to the corner top suite on the 8th floor of Castillo Hotel Son Vida. And invited us to a sundowner with a glass of the best  cava at their terrace. The cava was great. The view was priceless!

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NEW GRASSES: In 2016 Golf Son Muntaner was re-grassed with Bermuda Celebration grass on the fairways and Agrostis V8 grass for its greens. Photo: Arabella Golf

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