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Why Golfers Are Going To Want To Try The Latest Spikeless Shoes

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Ask any golfer about their favourite shoe and they will likely have some pretty strong opinions about whether it should be spiked or spikeless. The choice between the two often divides the golfing community; many traditionalists still opt for their high abrasion cleats, while the innovators might now opt for spikeless technology. Others may even go for both, wearing one or the other depending on the conditions.

Spikes are designed to help golfers get traction on the course during their swing. If you’re standing on wet grass and trying to twist your body while staying still, you’re going to struggle. Spikes, like any other sporting cleats, are there to give you better traction. Traditional spikes are made of hard wearing TPU plastic, hence only making them suitable for the golf course.

Newer types of golf shoe have been designed so you can wear your golf shoes anywhere. This kind of versatility is hard to beat when you are looking for value for money.

The rise of golfing fashion has pushed forward the spikeless golf shoe and elevated it to the level of any other sneaker. People will queue up outside stored on the arrival of a hotly anticipated golf shoe, just like the latest must-have or limited edition sneakers.

Reasons to try spikeless shoes

For the purists who prefer their spikes, there are plenty of reasons to try out the latest generation of spikeless shoes. Allow us to share with you one of the latest golf shoes from PUMA – which might just convince you to give them a try.

spikeless shoes

Go spikeless for stability

If you wear spikes because you love stability and the feeling the earth beneath your feet, then you will likely respond well to the PUMA Ignite NXT SOLELACE. It’s a very modern looking shoe, primarily because the laces are integrated into the midsole and the sole. The entire upper is made from a futuristic mesh that envelops the foot and offers 360-degree support.

spikeless shoes

Instead of spikes, each sole has 100 hexagonal lugs which offer incredible traction while remaining as flexible as a high-end running shoe. This is just one of the features that ensure your feet will stay supported and comfortable right up to the last hole.

Golfers are clearly prioritising comfort over anything else, and a shoe that constantly reminds you of its presence is only going to put you off your game. They say that you only notice your feet when they hurt, and this should be the case when you’re wearing your golf shoes. You should aim for a shoe that is barely noticeable, even after a whole day on your feet.

spikeless shoes

Modern Spiked Golf Shoes

If you continue to wear spiked golf shoes because you love the tradition and style, then the Rickie Fowler-designed PUMA Pro-Adapt will surely tick all of the right boxes for you. Fowler actually had a hand in designing and developing these shoes and has been seen sporting them throughout recent tours. It offers a leather upper with a one-year waterproof warranty, which is sure to be popular with golfers living in rainier climes. The leather is buttery soft right out of the box, so you don’t have to contend with shoes that give your blisters for months on end.

From a technical perspective, this shoe has everything. From the 9 Tornado Cleat System sole to the Ignite cushioning which offers the perfect level of support that distributes your weight. These shoes are also available in a range of colours, so you won’t be stuck for options.

Whether you like the traditional look of a leather golf shoe, or you’re willing to be bold and brave and try something more innovative, these are just two options that are most definitely hard to beat for the 2019 season.