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10 Good Golf & Travel Blogs That Inspire Me

The idea of publishing a blog isn’t something that suddenly strikes out of the blue. At least it didn’t for me. To be honest, I’ve always considered bloggers to be strange specie. Of which many even might be slightly dysfunctional in daily life.

NOTHING MAGICAL: The arrival of a good idea is like a sunset: It's beautiful, but it's not magic. Photo: The Migrant Golfer

So from being a person that thought blogs and cotton fields offer about the same level of entertainment, here I am with a blog of my own. What happened?

It was nothing magical at all. I just discovered I actually had something to say that other golfers might be interested in. From there, the whole process didn’t take much more than a month or two until I was airborne.

Finding inspiration

As you might be aware of, MigrantGolfer.com is not the only blog on the Internet. Not even the only golf and travel blog, to tell you the truth.

I think WorldGolf.com’s Big List of Golf Blogs hits bull’s eye when it comes to describing the worldwide golf blog environment:

«From all around the world, there are golf fans who are making their voices heard over the Internet. Bloggers cover virtually every aspect of golf, from pro golfers discussing life on mini-tours to professional journalists to everyday hackers, there is a golf blog to fit everyone’s tastes.»

When the idea of launching MigrantGolfer.com finally struck me (no, correct; slowly seeped into my brain), I had to see what other golf and travel bloggers were doing. Because A) to learn and get inspired and B) make sure that I didn’t present articles with a content that someone with a bigger name and a better pen had written previously.

I think it’s only fair to let you in on my list of blogs and bloggers that inspire me. They might inspire you as well.

Top-10 inspiring blogs

  1. Katharine Dyson: I love this blog for A) being well written and B) being full of golf wisdom and knowledge and C) containing no bullshit.
  2. Links-golf.tv: A video blog with a main focus on history and tradition of the game.
  3. The Mindful Golfer: There’s so much diversity in this very mindful golfer’s writing.
  4. Jason Scott Deegan: Jason’s has a down to earth everyday life approach to the royal and ancient game. Very likeable!
  5. MyGreenJacket.com: Thumbs up for any guy that at handicap 25 takes two years off work to see how good a golfer he can be.
  6. I Suck At Golf: I’m a man and get easily charmed (aka inspired) by beautiful girls like the ones in this blog. However, I can’t promise I’ll put them on MigrantGolfer.com.
  7. Phil Bundy: A personal golf blog that also give us insight in the blogger’s mind
  8. Eat Sleep Golf: I just couldn’t resist putting someone that proudly admits and announces he’s not a fair weather golfer on this top-10 list.
  9. Beaver Golf:  A collection of thoughts, remarks, reviews and reports about the most sublime game on earth. 
  10. Golf Poet: Poems and songs about golf dating back centuries.

I’m not expecting that you’ll agree. There are so many good blogs out there. These are the ones that inspire me. Which blogs inspire you? At World Golf there is a comprehensive list to pick from.

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