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No. It’s not because it is Masters week. We Norwegians really don’t pay that much attention to the tournament taking place at the world’s most pristine golf venue in April every year.

The reason probably being we’ve never ever had a player playing in the tournament. Apart from a few Norwegian emigrants – they counted; we have one win by Ralph Guldahl in 1939.

However, this time of year we’re all very concerned about golf. Our own golf, that is. The reason being that our golf courses finally have started to open again after a long winter.

Easter traditionally is The Opening Season for golf courses around Oslo, where about 50 per cent of our 170 something golf courses are located.

THE 18TH AT THE MIGRANT GOLFER’S HOME CLUB: Wall to wall carpeting gets a new meaning after Moss & Rygge GC have showed off the quality of the greens they can present in March. This being the 18th. (Photo: Aage Erichsen)

So also this year, even though Easter is 3 weeks earlier, our season is as well. As I write this, roughly 60 courses within two hours from where I live in Oslo are open or about to open. Yippy!

EARLY OPENING: Nøtterøy GC opened the last week of March this year. Here, the 2nd hole. (Photo: Nøtterøy GC)

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