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Bagging up: A quick Guide to Golf Bag Technology

A guest blog by: Eva Turnberry

The modern golf bag is a key part of a golf afficianado’s kit-it’s vital to have a high quality receptacle for one’s  clubs and accessories such as gloves and personal items when moving around the course-particularly if walking as opposed to using a buggy.  The designs of bags used to be simple by comparison to their makeup today-traditional bags were most commonly made using both canvas and leather, with metal bottoms and tops to hold the clubs themselves. Now, though, things are quite different.

Firstly, the materials now used to make bags differ greatly from the used in the construction of the first bags that began to be used during the 19th century. Advanced materials such as high-grade polymers and plastics are now the norm, and compounds of metal and plastic are often used to construct durable, high-tech bags that will both last a long time and be comfortable to carry, as well as keeping up with the style of high-grade clubs currently being developed using cutting-edge technologies. Some bags are even outfitted with solar panels to recharge electronic items!

Ogio Grom Golf Bag

The Ogio Grom XX Men’s Stand Bag is a good example of an innovative and modern golf bag.

The original bags were just that-containers for the clubs. Technology has now developed to the extent that many additional pockets and receptacles have been built into the design of golf bags for extra gear, gloves and so on, all without reducing the effectiveness of their primary function in carrying clubs. Thermal storage pockets have even been developed, as well as specialised bottle holders to securely hold water bottles in an accessible manner. Magnetic zippers (which are less likely to get stuck than regular zippers, and smoother functionality as well) further enhance the ease of use of the modern bag.

The comfort, compactness and mobility of bags is now a cutting-edge science, as well. Most modern bags don’t weigh more than around 3-6 Kilograms, making them easily transportable. Assisting this are features such as advanced moulded handles, and ergonomically developed straps as found on the Ogio wire stand that ease the strain on the user. Divider systems make a full bag easy to manage and keep everything neat and well-organised, as opposed to the clubs in there being clumped together. Stands and wheels for easy transportation are now common, which is an important aspect to consider if your local course is one where you’ll be walking long distances between holes.

Overall, golf bags have come a long way-even the more basic designs nowadays have something to offer. Taking the time to choose a good bag is overlooked by some, but can make your game more enjoyable, practical and comfortable in the long run.