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The Longest Hole in Golf Plays at Par 14,000

The Longest Hole

One golfer, one caddie, one 1,850 kilometer, par 14,000 charity golf expedition across Mongolia: this is The Longest Hole.

This summer, Ron Rutland will join Adam Rolston on an incredible charity golf expedition across Mongolia. Teeing off from the base camp of Khüiten Peak on Wednesday 28 June, Ron Rutland and Adam Rolston will aim to reach the 18th green of Mount Bogd Golf Club, on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar on Sunday 17 September.

Their journey will include a 12-day desert trek and multiple mountain climbs, all while searching for their own food and water.

The Longest Hole charity golf adventure will raise funds for Laureus Sport for Good, which supports programmes around the world who use the power of sport to end violence, discrimination and disadvantage.

“Two years ago I spent 27 months unsupported and alone cycling through every country in Africa. The communities I cycled through embraced me at all costs, assisted where they could and even offered me their most valuable resources in the world, food and water as well as their own beds,” Ron Rutland (42) explains. 

His fellow companion Adam Rolston (28) is also looking forward to the rather strange golfing trip.

“I’m excited by the challenges we will face, the adventure and the people we will meet. As much as they don’t know anything about golf, the kids absolutely love it. You have a little white ball and a stick and they have no idea what you’re about to do but as soon as you strike the ball, they just want to have a go straight away. It’spretty cool that something like golf can transcend languages.”

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