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La Manga Installs New Machinery And Adaptation of Tees And Pathways

La Manga

La Manga Club has during the past years put into place a series of improvements. The purpose being to take La Manga Club to the top of the international rankings and placing the three golf courses firmly among the top 40 in Spain.

After overcoming two of the first phases, projects have been carried out in zones that required it the most. Now  the agenda is modernizing facilities in order to cross the finish line that La Manga Club  hope to reach soon.​

During the first phase of the project, the areas in most need were improved. Such as the golf shop, the gentlemen’s changing rooms in the club house, the main entrance, Bar 37, the 30 percent renovation of machinery, and the implementation of signs on the courses.

Second phase at La Manga

In the second phase of the project, La Manga Club has intended to reinforce what they had already accomplished. Throughout the project, they have continued to purchase machinery, condition the tee areas located close to the hotel, and landscape the pathway from golf to the hotel.

The terrace in the club house has been put into action. Now the biggest task is finished: To improve the buggy pathways on the West Course.

For 2018, golf is facing the newest phase of the project. Over the first three months of the year, new machinery for the maintenance of golf courses will be acquired, and after the first trimester, almost 75 percent of all machinery will have been renovated.

Furthermore, the adaptation of the tees on the North and South courses will commence. This entails the implementation of new stairs, gardening and masonry work.

The West Course is also subject to some planned improvements. The pathways on holes 1, 2 and 3 of the West Course have already been adapted and throughout the next few months, the rest will be similarly completed.

For La Manga Club, 2018 will also bring the continued welcoming of professionals and amateurs alike at the PGA Europe’s Pro Am International tournament for the fifth consecutive year in May.

This also counts for the Canal+ Audi tournament in April, as well as the traditional La Manga Club Open in December.

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