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Use The Comfort of Your Home to Sharpen Your Short Game

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Practicing golf at home should be an alternative for many golfers these days, and is maybe something that you have already considered. In the new ‘Practice at Home’ coaching program, you can sharpen your short game with the help pf Paul Casey (Photo above by Chris Turvey / Rolex).

The European Tour is behind the launch of a series of texclusive ‘Practice at Home’ coaching programs. They state that «during these challenging times, we wanted to bring golfers around the world high-level practice that can be performed in the space of your own home.»

And adds that practicing golf at home is not only entirely possible, but can be an extremely effective way of improving your short game.

The tour have handpicked a selection of drills and exercises which are perfect for being performed in your home, garden or backyard.

Top 5 tips and hints on how to practice at home and how to improve your short game is by Paul Casey and European Tour coach and Birdietime Chief Golf Officer, Hugh Mar

Follolw the link to the ‘Practice at Home’ coaching programs to watch the video. You may also to sign up for the coaching programs.