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The Game Changing Ball Comes in New Edition


Callaway claims that their Chrome Soft, launched in 2015, changed the ball market. They might be right, gaining market shares in more and more markets. Now Callaway take the soft golf ball two steps further. 

The 2016 Chrome Soft (pictured left above) builds on last year’s highly successful product launch and introduces Callaway’s proprietary Dual SoftFast Core, which leads to fast ball speeds off the driver.

In addition, the new 4-Piece construction provides low compression and, according to Callaway, extremely soft feel while the Tour Urethane Cover delivers spin control.

Which Callaway summons up will help golfers achieve more shot control throughout the bag.

A super hot kid brother

Along with the new Chrome Soft, Callaway also announces the launch of the Superhot 55 golf ball.

Callaway says the Superhot 55 is «super long, super straight» and has a low 55 compression.

The proven HEX Aerodynamics promotes low drag and optimal lift for a strong ball flight, so golfers get more distance from tee-to-green.

The soft mantle layer and cover system work to lower spin for reduced hooks and slices so shots fly straight, allowing golfers to compress the ball with soft feel.

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